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Luther Christian Academy, UGANDA

The work is just beginning

“In Christ Alone” is our motto. By God’s providence, through the generous support of Presbyterian Church Australia, Luther was born. The journey dates back in 2015 when the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Uganda tasked her diaconal arm [PresAID] to start a children’s village. The main goal of the village was to sustainably create a Christian environment where former street-connected, special needs and stateless children can be rehabilitated, educated and equipped to be agents of change in the society. The church also desired to create a strong reformed faith in Uganda through an established children’s ministry at General assembly level, aiming at raising Uganda’s next generation of leaders with a reformed background. It’s been noted that the church’s involvement with children is of great significance: Inspired by Proverbs 21:6, Pioneers of this ministry believed that the journey is best started in elementary, not at tertiary level. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

The approach was to start and operate Pilot General Assembly-level children centers in all presbyteries/regions. The following year, 10 acres of land were secured at Sekamuli-Bamunanika in Luwero District; and the village started. In 2016, construction of the Kindergarten commenced, and in 2018 the school became operational with 3 classes. The school serves a diverse community of 125 students across all income levels. ¾ of these students’ families live below the national poverty level, making them vulnerable to different forms of exploitation like Child Trafficking and Commercial Sex Exploitation of Children. It is saddening that children in this vulnerable state are sold as merchandise in north-eastern Uganda.


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