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The Campus Expansion Campaign

Raising Uganda’s Next Generation of Leaders

Luther Christian Academy, a rural, Kingdom school grounded in the love of Christ, educates for excellence, offers opportunity, and cultivates hope in our community.

3 Years Providing a path out of poverty and slavery to success

Education is key to lifting students out of generational poverty.

The founders of Luther Christian Academy believed that neither a family’s income, nor the neighborhood in which they live, should determine if a child has access to excellent education. For 3 years, generous supporters have funded Luther Christian Academy’s unique brand of education that focuses on total human formation through high quality academics and the cardinal value of inclusion in a Christian environment. At Luther Christian Academy, students grow to become leaders who possess intelligence with character. Imagine how bright our community’s future will be as more future leaders are equipped with future Cready learning, faith, integrity, respect for all, love of community, a spirit of service, and the acumen to sustain successful careers.

In a very short period, Luther Christian Academy has developed a reputation of achieving success with students who have some of the greatest needs. We serve a diverse community of 125 students in elementary and lower primary across all income levels. A full ¾ of these students live below the national poverty level. The average student receives $360 in annual scholarship funding. The rest of the families pays tuition according to their financial means.

Intelligence with Character

Our world needs people who possess intelligence with character. Orienting young minds toward lifelong personal growth and selfless service for the common good is critical to developing the economic and social stability of our beloved Uganda. We believe this process is best started in elementary, not in high school. Guided by our Christ-Centered identity, Luther Christian Academy is a welcoming school that embraces all children. We seek to be a safe space for students to learn critical thinking and intentional; promoting respectful dialogue.


Too many children here in Luwero and across the nation remain caught in the vicious cycle of generational poverty which eventually lead to all criminal activities. There is a widening national achievement gap among students living above and below the national poverty line. Providing an effective education that lifts all students to productive and meaningful lives remains an elusive task for many urban/peri-urban schools.

Luther Christian Academy is defying local and national trends. A student’s income level does not dictate their level of success in our program. The persistent achievement gap is eliminated at Luther Christian Academy Paired with our robust guidance counseling, our students are proving to be very cooperative, credible, loving, and respectful to everyone irrespective of someone’s belief.

“Luther Christian Academy provides a path that lifts students out of generational poverty, shaping servant leaders who are prepared to make valuable contributions to Uganda and beyond.”
E.K (Principal)

Why Expand Luther Christian Academy Now?

Last year, PresAID officially launched #Schools NOT Streets Program aiming at rescuing children at high risk of being exploited from different slums. Within our current facility and classes, this program quickly consumed all of our available space. Our growing pains are real. We have unfortunately had to cut back on the growth of our kindergarten program. This is counterproductive to our goal of reaching children at high risk before they are exploited.

In the long term, this has serious consequences. Wait lists are becoming the norm. Our primary section is maturing to needing dedicated space to thrive and grow. The need to rescue more children from exploitation is real. To fulfill the commitments, we have made to our learners AND to address the growing demand, we must expand our campus now.

Milestones in Luther Christian Academy History

WINTER 2018 |Doors open for the first time – Starting with three classes of 28 students. We began growing by adding one grade level per year. SPRING 2018 |Lower Primary Block is launched – 12 classrooms, 2 offices, bathrooms and a multipurpose main hall construction starts.

FALL 2018 |First Kindergarten graduation –   Because of our desire to maintain the character of the children, we never wanted them to go to other schools after this stage. Plans for Primary started.     WINTER 2019 |Doors open for lower Primary – The facility is designed to serve Baby to Top class    students.  Luther    admits    Primary one class on top of Kindergarteners. Space created in Head teacher’s office.

FALL OF 2019 |#Schools NOT streets campaign launched. PresAID starts rescuing children from exploitation, and a shelter to accommodate them is commissioned.

WINTER OF 2020 |Primary Two Starts – One of the classrooms is partitioned to create space for Primary Two.  More girls with albinism are admitted. Shelter becomes fully operational.

Campus Expansion for Greater Impact

Generous donors have helped us to start the foundation/super structure right next to our current Kindergarten property. The expansion will include classrooms, bathrooms for girls, office space, multipurpose facility and a boarding for girls. It will provide much needed space for primary school instruction, boarding for more survivors, and community space that will be available for social events and meetings. We will gain instructional space for all programs, a fully equipped staff room/ book room, and additional office spaces for advancement team and upper primary. Furthermore, 1 classroom will be gifted back to the lower section, allowing us to serve more 4year children from exploitation.

The campus expansion will allow us to serve 375 more students

Our new facility is being constructed right next to our current facility and will include:

  • 12 classrooms – including Library, and flexible learning rooms
  • 1,700 square foot multipurpose room, Boarding and bathrooms for girls
  • Advancement and administrative office plus Primary section staff room
  • Boarding and bathrooms for girls

Gifts above $200 shall receive a thank you postcard from the children.  All gifts shall be acknowledged by Vice President, Finance via email.

Ways to give

Gifts of Cash may be made over a period of up to two years or as a one-time gift. Pledge payments will be arranged to best meet your needs.

Tribute Gifts may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one.

Questions on gifts may be directed to Rebecca Sanyu, V.P of Advancement at or (+256) 414663111


If you want to support the Campus Expansion Campaign, please, contact us.

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With your help, we can create a world where all needy communities can have sustainable access to safe clean water, quality education and a safe environment “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

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