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The work is just beginning

Luther Christian Academy, UGANDA

The work is just beginning

“In Christ Alone” Is our motto. By God’s providence, through the generous support of Presbyterian congregations, Luther was born. The journey dates back in 2015 when the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Uganda tasked her diaconal arm [PresAID] to start a children’s village.  The main goal of the village was to create a strong reformed faith in Uganda through an established children’s ministry at the general assembly level. It’s been noted that the church’s involvement in children is of great significance, which will also see generations of the reformed faith in Uganda. The approach was to start and operate General Assembly-level children centres in all presbyteries. The following year, Land was secured in KITO Luwero, north of Kampala, and the village started.

In 2016, Construction of the elementary school commenced, and in 2018 the school became operational.

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